Executive Assistants

Our executive assistants are here to help you get things done!  To many times people fail at outsourcing because they simply can not manage all the task that are needed to help them meet their monthly goals.

That's where your executive assistant will step in. They can work with you to get more done.  Our executive assistants can coordinate many of the day to day processes that will help make your business run more smoothly.

Our Call Center Does Your Follow Up

The last thing you have time for is making endless calls to prospects. No worries. Our team of call center pros will make your follow up calls for you. That way you only have to call the prospects that are truly ready to buy!

We can pre-qualify,  set up appointments, and anything else you want!

What Else Do You Need? We Provide All Kinds of Custom Work

Sometimes you need help posting Facebook Ads, Google PPC, and much more. Our hard working Executive  Assistants do the work for you. Now you get a tremendous amount of work done without having to do it yourself. ConnieKnows does the work better, faster, and with far greater results. Best of all, we provide this invaluable help at a price that will simply astound you!

Connie Knows Business

Our highly trained and deeply experienced professionals are the outsource team you need to quickly build your success. Don't let your opportunity slip away. It's time to succeed BIG. Contact our office today for your no-obligation discussion of the many benefits ConnieKnows can provide. Let's do this!


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    When it comes affiliate marketing and outsourcing, Liz Roberts REALLY knows her stuff. How do I know? Because I've personally seen her $40,000/month affiliate checks! Yet she lives an amazing lifestyle that many would seriously be jealous of - because much of the 'work' is done by her outsourcing team based in the Philippines. Liz has gotten outsourcing down to an exact science, and using her formula, can show you how to build a highly productive outsourcing team - so you too can live the lifestyle others can only dream about!"
    Fabian Lim
    Founder of &